The Sailing Vessel 'Heaven Bound'


Peoria Skyline  




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Local Peoria Sailing

I keep the 'Heaven Bound' slipped at the EastPort Marina on the southern half of a very wide spot on the Illinois River known as Peoria Lake.  The weekends are pretty busy but weekdays you just about have the lake to yourself.  One of my favorite things to do after work is grab some dinner to-go, hop on the boat and sail into the night.  Very relaxing way to finish a day!





   Sunset Over Peoria

Sunset Cruise - Peoria Skyline    My favorite time to cruise....

Sunset Over Peoria and Church

A Little Wider View - Peoria Skyline


The Only Other Boat Out Tonight





A Friend Enjoying a Little Bow Riding On Calm Water




View of the Sails





Twilight Sail

Twilight Sail





Downtown Peoria




Peoria Lake

Peoria Lake on the Illinois River - View from Grandview Drive

Sunset Over Church

Sunset Over the Church



EastPort Marina


Sunset view from the EastPort Marina Deck